Abhik Sengupta writes: India’s 5G launch: Today, October 1, PM  Narendra Modi will officially unveil 5G in India at the sixth edition rajkotupdates.news:a-historic-day-for-21st-century-india-pm-modi-launched-5g-in-india of the India Mobile Congress in New Delhi. As per a PMO announcement, the party leader will give his speech in Pragati Maidan at 10 a.m.

kicking off the four-day festival. With the cancellation of COVID-19, the IMC is returning to an on-site event, with the theme ‘New Digital World’ this year. It will bring together top thinkers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and government officials to explore and exhibit prospects arising from digital technology’s rapid adoption and dissemination.


A watershed moment for India in the twenty-first century! Prime Minister Modi officially opened 5G in India. To usher in a new era, the Prime Minister of India, rajkotupdates.news:a-historic-day-for-21st-century-india-pm-modi-launched-5g-in-india of the India Narendra Modi, inaugurated 5G telecom services on October 1, 2022, with the goal of providing continuous coverage, rapid data speeds, minimal latency, and extremely dependable communication.

In accordance with a recent report, 5G would account for more than a fifth of all connections in India by 2030, with 2G and 3G combining for less than 10%.


On April 26, 2019, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated India’s fifth generation (5G) mobile network. Today was a significant day for both the country of the twentieth century and the country of the twenty-first century. 5G is a faster and more efficient mobile service technology that will improve services and enable for the development of new apps. rajkotupdates.news:a-historic-day-for-21st-century-india-pm-modi-launched-5g-in-india of the India This network will be critical in the growth of e-commerce, smart buildings, and other novel applications.

5G will have enormous humanitarian benefits as well. It can, for example, help enhance health care by allowing remote monitoring of patients’ states, rajkotupdates.news:a-historic-day-for-21st-century-india-pm-modi-launched-5g-in-india of the India delivering real-time information regarding crises, and assisting in illness detection. It can also aid in the reduction of pollution and traffic congestion.

What is 5g ?

5G is the next stage of mobile wireless technology, enabling faster speeds, greater capacity, and lower latency. It will also lead to better communication for things like self-driving cars and huge data.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, launched India’s first 5G network in Rajkotupdates, Gujarat, on this historic day. The network is rajkotupdates.news:a-historic-day-for-21st-century-india-pm-modi-launched-5g-in-india of the India expected to provide individuals across the country with quick and seamless internet access.

This is a significant step forward for India as it strives to become a worldwide leader in 5G technology. 5G is projected to alter the way we live, rajkotupdates.news:a-historic-day-for-21st-century-india-pm-modi-launched-5g-in-india of the India work, and play by facilitating the ability of individuals to interact with one another and swiftly get the assistance they require.

What is the Benefits of 5g network?

5G will make it faster

for residential users to download information, such as being capable of download a two-hour movie in less than ten seconds, compared to seven rajkotupdates.news:a-historic-day-for-21st-century-india-pm-modi-launched-5g-in-india of the India minutes with 4G. 5G is poised to change how products and services are provided in the future for major businesses. Agriculture and health care, for example, are extremely well positioned to profit from 5G.

sensor technologies to monitor

On farms, the use of sensor technologies to monitor soil moisture is intended to aid boost yields by consuming fewer water. rajkotupdates.news:a-historic-day-for-21st-century-india-pm-modi-launched-5g-in-india of the India It is expected that 5G would be able to link ten times as many devices as 4G inside a specific region (such as a farm), considerably expanding the evidence collected to the farmer.

Increased bandwidth

One of the primary benefits of 5G is that it improves bandwidth, allowing for the quickest data transmission conceivable. Also, by selecting a 5G network, users of mobile phones can get a faster connection with greater bandwidth.

Encouragement of innovation 5G technology allows drones and sensors to connect with one another. It provides techniques for accelerating IoT adoption, allowing industries to boost productivity and perform other tasks.

Disadvantages of 5g:

Inadequate global coverage

The fact that 5G has a patchy global coverage and is now only provided in a few locations is its biggest disadvantage. The 5System will largely benefit cities; outlying locations may be excluded for several years.

Upload speeds

Thanks to 5G technology, mobile phone users can experience fast download rates, and upload rates are not much slower than 100 Mbps when compared to 4G. Additionally, new battery technology is required for mobile phones to support a 5G connection. Several phone owners claim that when they use 5G, their devices become hotter.

Obsolescence is immediate.

The migration to the 5G network will necessitate the use of devices that can support it; present 4G devices are missing this capability and will become obsolete instantly.

Inadequate infrastructure.

To function correctly, the 5G network would necessitate a large expenditure on equipment to enhance capacity and expand coverage, which will not be cheap. Due to the large expenses that authorities will have to bear for 5G to function correctly, this circumstance will inevitably cause delays in its deployment.

Winding up :

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, launched India’s 5G network in Rajkot on October 2nd. This historic event ushers in a new age for India, one of innovation and modernisation. India is now one of the first places to have availability to 5G technology, thanks to this introduction.

This historic day marks many accomplishments for India: it is the country’s first 5G deployment; it is also the world’s largest public-private cooperation, rajkotupdates.news:a-historic-day-for-21st-century-india-pm-modi-launched-5g-in-india of the India with over 1,000 members; and it demonstrates Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to employment creation and digital transformation. By constructing a robust 5G system, India can provide its population with new opportunities, ranging from linking remote communities to giving exceptional health care in urban regions.

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